Harry Metz

We’ve relied on Threshold/AMG to maintain our Challenger and Gulfstream for the past seven years.  They do a great job keeping our maintenance cost low, dispatch reliability high and offer the lowest hangar rates in the area.

Jeffrey Robert Moss "MossY"

I can’t say enough great things about the team at Threshold Technologies. Whether in the G550 or Legacy 500 we really try to stop here for cheap gas and exceptional service. One of the last family owned American pride facilities that not only does FBO services but great heavy maintenance and complete interior re-dos. The DiLullo Family gets my vote.

Berry Carter

When I started looking to find a place to hanger my Piper M350, I didn't know anything about Threshold. As soon as I walked up, I could tell they were a serious outfit that took care of serious aircraft. I quickly found out that they were serious about customer service as well. 

Donald G. Abbey

I’ve had a very long and fruitful relationship with Threshold Aviation Group. They have always treated me fairly and have proven to be an economic alternative for both my businesses and myself personally. For those reasons, I have been a repeat client and have entrusted them with my multiple aircraft over the last 10 years.

Peter Levine

Threshold's Aviation Maintenance Group does top quality work, whether that is a basic airframe inspection or rebuilding a wing! In addition, we like the broad array of services they offer. We can have a new interior being built while they are working on an airframe inspection and gear overhaul for our aircraft.


My name is Jon and I pilot and manage a Lear Jet.  At the beginning of the year, we lost our hangar at another local airport, I knew of Threshold Aviation Group at Chino Airport so I gave them a try.  From the very start, Threshold took good care of us.  Without a contract, they offered us hangar space and any other service we required while a deal was negotiated. 


We did require some maintenance and a technician named Scott was assigned to work on our Lear, he solved our lavatory sink pump issue and worked off some other grips between our trips.  Threshold’s Chief Inspector, Khera was most helpful when we needed a service bulletin performed on our engines, both she and Scott followed the work until completion.  Nicole DiLullo, the Director of FBO Services, has ensured our aircraft is fueled and staged for our flights.  She has also arranged gate security cards so my crew and I can arrive on our schedule to either get ready for a flight or oversee work being done on our jet. 


We have dropped in on Doug Crowther, the Director of Sales and Acquisitions, on many occasions during hangar contract negotiations, he has always been friendly and willing to answer our questions.  Mark DiLullo the CEO and Mr.Bressan, COO have made themselves available during our stay at Threshold to ensure our needs are being met.  As you can tell, I have been very happy so far with our relationship with Threshold and I’m looking forward to continuing it into to the future. 


I have been flying aircraft with a pilot or pilots for over 55 years. During that time, I was flying only piston-driven aircraft. About 1965, we switched to larger aircraft that had turbine engines. During that period, I owned several different models of King Airs. 

Currently, I own a King Air 350, a Gulfstream GII SP and a Bell Helicopter 206 Long Ranger. 
During all those years, I had occasion to use a number of aviation maintenance facilities. I am not going to say that any of them are bad operators but about 12 years ago, I met Mark Dilullo of Threshold Aviation in Chino, California. He completely refurbished the GII interior and then painted the aircraft. I couldn't have had it done better or more expeditiously if it were built by a factory.


They have never been late where their date of completion for any project is concerned. 
In this crazy world we live in, the ability to do business with a gentleman who is true to his word and has the ability to come up with a positive result every time is a very rare find. 
If you have any second thoughts about doing business with these people, call me before you make a decision. I don't know a lot of things but I know quality when I see it and to find that consistently is almost impossible. 


If you are ever in the Chino area, a must stop is Threshold Aviation FBO at Chino Airport. They are a combination of a pilots favorite playground (lots of cool airplanes, including fighter jets) to the cleanliness of Disneyland with Customer Service that rivals Nordstrom’s. Did I mention cheap gas!!!


From the moment you are greeted on the ramp to stepping into their state of the art FBO, you have a feel of being welcomed.


Nicole who runs the FBO is both professional and knowledgeable about anything you or your plane might need. She has that unique ability to solve complex problems while making you feel that you are part of their family.


On the occasion when visiting Threshold, you might get lucky and run into the owner Mark DiLullo, plan on talking pilot speak for hours; Mark has that rare ability to talk to the guy who flew in with the Cessna 150 and make him feel like he’s super important and the next minute be talking to the G-550 pilot who just flew in to consult with Mark about some complex issue.


If you’re driving by or flying into Chino Airport stop by the Threshold Aviation FBO and talk with Nicole and company. You will enjoy the atmosphere, conversation, and the people.

Threshold also performs maintenance on all types of aircraft from Cessna’s to G-550’s

Expect to be impressed!!!

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