Threshold Aviation Group has extensive experience at locating very desirable new and pre-owned aircraft. Whether you are in the market for a modern Business Jet, a Classic War Bird, a Helicopter, or General Aviation Aircraft with out 28 years of expertise and personal contacts in the aviation community enable us to broker the best deals on the market and pass the savings on to you.

Our staff of experienced pilots and well-versed mechanics, all with experience in an array of aircraft types and models, contributes in helping us find the perfect aircraft for your specific needs.

We are able to track every jet, turbo prop, and piston aircraft both on and off the market. This ability enables us to source the aircraft that can best fit your needs.

Prior to the finalization of any sale, Threshold’s knowledgeable team will completely screen and evaluate each aircraft. We will provide the prospective buyer with an honest appraisal based on our experience, a thorough review of all records, and physical inspections that will include recommendations for upgrades if required. We will also provide realistic estimates for any required maintenance, repairs, retrofitting or refurbishing.

Sales & Acquisitions

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