When I started looking to find a place to hanger my Piper M350, I didn't know anything about Threshold. As soon as I walked up, I could tell they were a serious outfit that took care of serious aircraft. I quickly found out that they were serious about customer service as well. 


On one of my first trips, I returned to find my car looking almost better than the day I purchased it. They didn't ask if I wanted it cleaned or try to up-charge me, they just took care of it. BTW, they also do an exceptional job of cleaning my plane at a very reasonable rate. The staff at Threshold just has a different attitude than I have found elsewhere. They seem to really enjoy what they do and are always willing to help me in any way necessary. 


My M350 is stored right next to aircraft that are 30x more expensive than mine, but these guys treat me as if I am their most important customer. On top of all this, their fuel rates are very appealing! I plan on being a customer for years to come.